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"The sisters  and brothers that you meet give you the materials which your character uses to build itself. . . Those around you, those you choose, and those who choose you"

                                                        -Maya Angelou

MBK is a virtual community of believers that offers emotional, physical and spiritual support for the "whole" man. This concept was established approximately 11 years ago while working with the local youth. As a youth leader, I had a sincere desire to provide the individuals I served with the tools required to become productive citizens for their church and local communities.


This website was designed to extend this vision beyond the youth, and the four walls of a building. Our community of volunteers has enthusiastically given their time, talents, and resources to encourage our brothers and sisters globally.


We strive to have a safe, informative, and inspirational place to share the love of God through service. We are prayerful that you will find emotional, physical and spiritual enrichment through the resources shared on our site.


We encourage you to use the contact form to send us feedback and provide information that will be beneficial to the visitors on the site, as well.






Thank you for visiting our site.

Remember to be a blessing, while being blessed.

- Vernessa Harris, MBK Coordinator

 About Us A community of believers providing support and inspiration to face today's challenges with confidence.



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