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Fitness & Nutrition is one of the programs featured on My Brother’s Keeper. Our goal is to provide transforming nutrition and fitness information without the “fluff”.


Our host Emanuel Williams is a husband, father, licensed personal trainer, and deacon in the church. He is also the proud owner of Unified Fitness in Massachusetts.


Emanuel once 400lbs, has first hand knowledge on how to loose weight and maintain a healthy body.   He is willing to help us shed those unwanted pounds and get back into shape. He will provide us with healthy eating and fitness regimens that will melt the pounds away.


We are excited to have Mr. Williams on MBK, and we encourage you to come back and watch his segments on Fitness & Nutrition.


Remember that God can and will meet you right where you are, regardless of the situation or circumstances.  All you have to do is trust Him, and put in the work.


I am my brother’s keeper.


God Bless,


Vernessa Harris

MBK Coordinator


Photo of Fitness & Nutrition host, licensed fitness trainer Emanuel Williams before and after loosing over 150lbs.
Fitness & Nutrition Transforming Fitness and Nutritional information without the “fluff”.

Fitness & Nutrition Videos


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